Want to holiday in the mountains in the beautiful Hautes-Alpes sun in untouched nature away from noise and crowds?

Abriès, Aiguilles, Arvieux, Ceillac, Château Ville-Vieille, Molines-en-Queyras, Ristolas and Saint-Véran: the residents of the eight traditional villages in the Queyras Regional Nature Park welcome visitors warmly.

Queyras oozes character: hike to alpine lakes and refuges, roam on the Route des Grandes Alpes via the surprising Guil gorges and the mythical Izoard and Agnel passes, visit the Château-Queyras fort built on a rocky outcrop, and take in some astronomy at the Château-Renard observatory at 2,936 metres.

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5 campsites
Camping Les Auches
Ancelle - Hautes-Alpes
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Camping Les Six Stations
St-Jean-St-Nicolas - Hautes-Alpes
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Camping Le Diamant
St Jean St Nicolas - Hautes-Alpes
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Camping La Villette
Saint-Firmin - Hautes-Alpes
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Camping Le Bocage
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